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Proposal Requirements


The Corner Pop-Up is looking for unique brands, businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs that have a genuine belief and desire to design and sell products that are for Long Beach, by Long Beach.


Select business will be invited to showcase their products and/or services at The Corner Pop-Up, an experimental pop-up space that will give local, traditionally home or online-based businesses the opportunity to sell their products and test the local market in a physical space for a limited amount of time. The Corner Pop-Up also provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop their product line, and access local workforce talent in an environment that will help improve their ability to be a sustainable long-term business.


To be considered as a Corner Pop-Up vendor, please submit a proposal containing the following information


All proposals should be submitted in a single PDF document, which should include


Contact Information: Activation or business name, name of application, email address, phone number, and mailing address (city, state, zip code).


Business Information


  • Tell us about your business.
  • What is the primary product you intend to sell or exhibit?
  • What is the price range of your product?
  • Have you received technical assistance or business counseling? If yes, from what agency (e.g., BusinessSource, SCORE, Small Business Development Center, etc).
  • Have you participated in any other pop-up spaces of markets?  


Pop-Up information

  • Provide a detailed, concise description of your pop-up concept.
  • How did you hear about The Corner Pop-Up?
  • Include up 4 high-quality photos that would help us better understand your business.
  • What hours of the day would you operate? What month(s) do you prefer to operate?
  • Social Media/ Website Links
  • Business logo


Please submit your proposal to